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The Los Angeles premiere of “The OA” was held Thursday evening at the Vista Theater. By Debra Birnbaum SPOILER ALERT: Do not read until you’ve watched all eight episodes of “The OA,” which debuted today on Netflix.A young woman reappears after a seven-year absence — with the ability to see after…And despite the fact that their movies tend to stay well below the radar, safe from breaking out into the mainstream, theirs are come of the most interesting indie movies to have emerged in the past five years.If attracted a cast of name actors — Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgard, Patricia Clarkson — to tell a story that again feels connected to the others in many ways.By Variety Staff Brit Marling and Issa Rae discussed the struggle to “find interesting roles for women in Hollywood” during a chat for Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series. By Variety Staff Brit Marling and Issa Rae sat down for an interview for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series. Issa Rae: What do you feel about "The OA" resonated with your audience, just people… By Sonia Saraiya It is hard to take "The OA" seriously.By Arya Roshanian Trust the unknown— at least that’s what Netflix’s new thriller “The OA” proposes. That statement can be applied both to the new Netflix drama, a mystery-soaked excursion through time and space, and its titular character, the OA — played by…

When the movie’s thriving on uncertainty, pinning Jane between two camps with equally sinister potential, it has a prickly ingenuity and promise. When it fails, it’s mainly because Marling’s character feels too naive, unaware of the damaging secrets companies might lie about, the retaliatory moves her new friends are willing to make, and the fact that Clarkson couldn’t care less about the victims of these attacks when they’re not paying her to care.

For more on the film, you can watch the first twelve minutes here. And we spent a lot of time talking to each other, and pitching things back and forth, talking about things that are happening to us, like who just broke our heart? And these things start to swirl around like a bit of a hurricane and then you eventually get to the eye of that storm, which is like, what’s happening now in life that is interesting to both of us at the same time.

During the recent Los Angeles press day for the film, I sat down with Brit Marling for an extended interview. And then hopefully some story comes out of that, and then we start outlining and then start writing.

We talked about what it’s been like waiting for the film to get released, her writing process, Sci-fi, favorite movies, and a lot more. We’re alive in a really cool time, there’s so many great . How was that writing process different then, say, writing ? Marling: I mean a lot of it’s the same in that the structure is the same and Zal and I are obsessive outliners and that’s the same.

In addition, Marling talked about Steve: So how’re you doing today? As I said to your partner in crime making this film, it has to be a weird thing for you. I think I realized very early on that you can spend a lot of time constructing a really perfect scene in final draft and just end up throwing it away because you didn’t figure out that mathematics of the story first.


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