Benefits of consolidating call centers

Enterprises must become more agile while controlling costs to stay competitive.

Data center modernization and consolidation projects offer the opportunity to do both.

Once complete, the merged system should increase efficiency and provide superior service. In the past few years, the idea of consolidating operations has been steadily gaining steam, often in specialized service areas.

“We are not seeing wholesale consolidation of general purpose governments,” says Chris Hoene, director of research and innovation at the National League of Cities.

Data center modernization requires organizations to rethink operational and organizational priorities, resulting from changing economic trends and new technologies.

As one of the leading call center outsourcing companies in the world, we have experience working with clients across various industries to ensure their customer service goals are met.

Federal agencies that deliver benefits to citizens, administer grants, and provide core services to other agencies have similar administrative and management responsibilities.

Not only must they operate efficiently to better serve citizen and agency customers, they must also communicate clearly and meet the expectations of the groups they serve.

There also tends to be fewer layers of oversight in a smaller entity, which can help speed things up. The real impetus for this trend has far less to do with the quality of the services and much more to do with budgets.

“My experience on these questions of consolidation is that they are often motivated by cost savings,” says Michael Jordan, Oregon’s chief operating officer and director of the Department of Administrative Services.


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