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I promise the tables will still be there after you finish reading. Okay, I know you’re all just dying to skip ahead to the serial number tables but try to contain your excitement and read through the article first.Most notably, I'd like to thank Jeff Lacio for his contributions to our research.Jeff is an amp tech who specializes in Fender amps, i.e.His particular area of expertise is in Fender amps made from about 1960 through 1967.Devin runs Doc's Music in Springfield, Missouri and his interest lies in the woodie and tweed Fender amps made from 1946 through 1960.It’s unknown if the tweed covering was a mistake (“Oops, I thought this was a 4x10 Bassman cabinet that I was covering”) or intentional, perhaps as a special order.

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In the fall of 1965, Fender switched from stamping these numbers in black ink, to dark green ink.A 1957 tweed Vibrolux was reported with a tube chart printed with circuit “5E3” (tweed Deluxe) instead of the correct 5F11 (see photo).Clearly Fender wasn’t afraid to use incorrect parts when they were in a bind. The 5G12 Concert is the earliest version from very late 1959 and early 1960 so the existence of a tweed example, while extremely rare, is certainly plausible since Fender was making lots of tweed amps during the same time period.It's been about 6 months since Part 1 of this series was printed so I thought it would be a good time to give an update on the Fender amp research that I am doing along with Devin Riebe and Greg Huntington.First I would like to thank everyone who responded to our request for data as outlined in the initial article that was printed in March 1997 issue of TCG.Devin runs Doc’s Music in Springfield, Missouri and his interest lies in the woodie and tweed Fender amps made from 1946 through 1960.


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