James corden dating

"You've been spending some time in Miami," Corden said to Lopez, who began giggling and not exactly offering up any information."There's some photos of you in Miami," Corden continued."Yeah, yeah, I have been yes," the star responded with a smile.

He played the title character, of course, while Sir Ben Kingsley portrayed Bert.

While on the Late Late Show on Thursday, August 17, host James Corden decided to bring out Greg, 24, who is a staffer on the CBS program, and let Ray set his son up — with a little help from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who was also making an appearance.

Corden selected three women from the audience for Romano and Dreyfus to decide between.

“I have a question for all three of you,” Romano says. ” “It’s gonna be OK,” Dreyfus says as Romano hugs his son. ” “I honestly have no idea, they don’t talk to us so I have no idea.” Romano joked of knowing about his sons' sex lives, before turning back to the three women.

“But I do know Greg, so this is an important question for all three of you.”After getting mixed reactions to asking the trio to choose between the Yankees and Red Sox, Romano moved on to more pressing matters. ”Eventually, Dreyfus picked a winner for Romano’s son and the two headed off on a successful dinner date — in one of the CBS’ studios conference rooms.


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