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A reader to this blog read about my combat auto-pause facility that I have coded for my own module and asked if I could do something similar for So Z.

And so, this evening, I decided to take a look at my scripts and managed to put something together.

Version 15's changelog can be found in the Readme, with notable inclusions of traification for foreign language support, utf8 string encoding for BG2: EE installs, and a large amount of new content.

Available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, you can get it from downloads , browse the Readme, or wander through the project page, or join us on the Forum.

This programming-language/natural-language pairing is a unique feature of Flip, designed to allow learners to draw upon their familiarity with natural language to “decode the code”.

We provide an overview of the design and implementation of Flip before describing an evaluation study carried out with 12–13 year olds in a naturalistic setting.

In this paper, we describe the design and evaluation of Flip, a programming language that aims to help 11–15 year olds develop computational skills through creating their own 3D role-playing games.

Flip has two main components: 1) a visual language (based on an interlocking blocks design common to many current visual languages), and 2) a dynamically updating natural language version of the script under creation.

Development Diary 2/26/16: - Working on improving the level design of the final level of the tomb of horrors.

- Attempting to get the stone of recall working for the Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion. This will definitely be a case of never show Armor.


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