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A number of men joined their wives, girlfriends, daughters and nieces on the protest march.

"I don't want my daughter to ever deal with sexual harassment.

My hands are swollen from continuous IV drips and steroid injections. I can't help but think about the unfortunate fate of many women from her native state who are married to men they hardly ever see. The ayah is a Kannadiga – her husband is a drunkard, and occasionally lives with a younger woman. In times like these, I need a husband – I can't afford to have my greying father fly down to firefight my health crisis. Rat race The lack of a man is always perceived as a failure of sorts – as if women were born to compete in this mad rat race to hook a suitor.

My face is bluish green because of three asthma attacks in a span of three days that led to the sudden postponement of my Bangalore trip. Sponging me are two women – an ayah in her mid 50s and a nurse, a 20-something Malayali in an olive uniform, who tells me how she can’t wait to join her spouse in Saudi. They even suggest I meet an astrologer at the earliest. God forbid, what if their daughter were a Manglik, like me?

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No one should equate enjoying sex with attracting sexual assault.

The protest takes the form of a march, mainly by young women, where some dress as "sluts" in revealing, sexy attire such as short skirts, stockings and scanty tops.

In the various Slutwalks around the world, there are usually speaker meetings and workshops, live music, sign-making sessions, leafleting, open microphones, chanting, dances, martial arts, and receptions or after-parties with refreshments.

One of them frowns, "You don’t look 37, but a woman’s body is known to lie. Having a child will get tough also." The ayah sighs. Is that the real fear that haunts millions of childless women, or those trapped in mute marriages – afraid of not being able to procreate – failing the highest duty of a wife. Before they become sexually static – stereotyped further by popular culture.

As I slip into a knee-length, pink-striped gown, I watch the two women chatter among themselves, their eyebrows painfully slanted. Before their breasts sag, ovaries pack up and skin demonstrates the seven signs of ageing.


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