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Bruce Prichard recently revealed that the one-on-one talk between the duo took place as the Deadman was furious he did not get to tell The Undertaker vs The Undertaker storyline in a fight that was cut short by 10 minutes, while Bret and Owen Hart's impressive steel cage fight continued for 20 minutes more than the allotted time.

Nobody was there for the confrontation because no one wanted to be there, but Taker did go and talk to Bret just to let him know, hey, he wasn't happy with it. The Undertaker vs The Undertaker match saw the Phenom (Mark Calaway) face Brian Lee. "The match, because Bret Hart and Owen Hart had a cage match earlier in the show that went 20 minutes heavy, so, all of a sudden, you have a match at the very end of the night with Undertaker and a guy that is nervous as s**t, who in his mind is auditioning for a job and that's Brian Lee, who have their match now condensed into 10 or 12 minutes, whatever it was." Prichard said The Undertaker vs The Undertaker storyline was his idea and he acknowledged that "the match was horrible".

AN UNDERTAKER in York who went "above and beyond the call of duty" when she arranged the funeral of a baby for a grieving family has been recognised for her work.In anticipation, we round up our favourite bouts in Satan's structure.With a record 14 appearances out of the 33 HIAC match-ups to date, we make no apology for the domination of your greatest ever Superstar – The Undertaker. Taker's not that kind of a guy, but he did have a conversation with him that night. The only people that know what happened in that are Undertaker and Bret," Prichard, who left the company in 2008 said. Roman Reigns and Undertaker both craned their necks to stare up at the Wrestle Mania sign above them on Monday's WWE Raw in Chicago, two titans wordlessly signaling a desire to collide at The Showcase of the Immortals. Club wrote, "This feud is looking like exactly what [Reigns] needs after months of directionless, meaningless wins."The match will be major fun, too.Hayley, of Moor Monkton, has also helped the family with their fundraising efforts for York SANDS.


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