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Registry-based policy settings (located under the Administrative Templates category in the Group Policy Object Editor) are defined using a standards-based, XML file format known as ADMX files.These new files replace ADM files, which used their own markup language.This section provides information about three extensions of Group Policy.In these extensions you will find the settings that you can use to configure how WSUS clients can interact with Windows Update to receive automatic updates.This topic assumes that you already use and are familiar with Group Policy.

In the majority of situations, you will not notice the presence of ADMX files during your day-to-day Group Policy administration tasks.

Unlike ADM files, ADMX files are not stored in individual GPOs.

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If you have deployed Windows 10 to your organisation then you might be familiar with the new Group Policy setting that allowed you to defer the upgrade of Windows 10.

These policy setting also know as “Windows Update for Business” allows you to delay by up to 8 months the OS upgrade that Microsoft delivers to you via Windows Update (see below).


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