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Her newest album from 2016, Emily’s D evolution, is a neo-soul progressive rock creation and a continuation of her ever-changing style and of course, a showcase of her music capabilities.

Esperanza performs Emily’s D evolution live and accompanied with an artistic portrayal of her own self-discovery through visual and performance art.

I stopped and said, ' Let me get back to the basics.' I had no plans for the future -- until I heard the knock on the door from Emily."Esperanza Spalding: The Billboard Shoot Emily is what Spalding was called as a kid; it's her middle name.

But she talks as if it's a totally different person: "I'm the instrument Emily's ­playing," she says.

What came in between was all over the place, and I mean that as a compliment to her logic-stretching riffs and highly original sense of what comes next.

The range, agility, and richness of her singing voice are like Cleo Laine on the best steroids ever invented. In some songs, the orchestra was silent for the majority of the time.

A surprise "Best New Artist" Grammy win made jazz instrumentalist Esperanza Spalding break into mainstream consciousness, but the bassist singer-songwriter has always been ducking expectations.

Her albums swing from the string arrangements of 2010's .

She'll back up R&B explorer Janelle Monáe while also working in bands led by swing-circuit veterans like tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano.


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